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Surgical Dermatology


Reconstructive Surgery

After Dr. Perez has determined that the margins are clear and the cancerous cells have been removed from the surgical site, he may manage the wound by using a side to side, flap, or graft repair. Dr. Perez may also allow the surgical site to heal by secondary intent, without further treatment. Dr. Perez will assess whether the wound can be closed on the same day as your Mohs procedure, or whether you will need to come back the following day for reconstructive surgery.

Post-Operative Wound Check

After reconstructive surgery, Dr. Perez will ask you to schedule a 1 week follow up with his physician assistant to assess how your surgery site is healing. Dr. Perez will also be available to evaluate the wound as needed.

Preparing for your Surgery

Preoperative instructions and checklists for Mohs

  1. Breakfast – Eat breakfast as usual.
  2. Medications, Blood Thinners, Premedication – Take your routine medications as usual, unless advised differently by Dr. Perez.
    – Please let our office know if you are currently on a blood thinner.
    – Please let our office know if you have an artificial joint or heart valve replacement and require premedication prior to your surgery.
  3. Friend/Family Members – You are welcomed to bring up to one (1) friend or family member with you on the day of your procedure. Your guest will be able to wait for you in our waiting area.
  4. Clothing – Our office will provide you with a surgical gown to be worn during your surgery.
    –You may prefer not to wear one-piece garments or anything restrictive on the day of the surgery.
  5. Items to Bring With You
    – Food and Beverage. Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks with you and plan to be in the office between 4 and 6 hours.
    – Books, iPad, Newspaper. Bring something to entertain yourself while you wait, such as a book, newspaper, crossword, iPad, or other electronics.
    – Sweater. Please bring a sweater as the temperature in our office is very cool. Your sweater will not be allowed in the surgical suite, but it can help to keep you warm while you are waiting.
  6. Vitals and INR – If your vital signs are above standard operating levels, your provider may elect to reschedule your surgery. If you are on Coumadin (warfarin), Dr. Perez will test your INR levels before the procedure. If your INR level is elevated, Dr. Perez may reschedule your appointment to a later date.
  7. Postpone Activities – Please cancel all activities for the day of surgery and the day following your surgery.
  8. Post-Operative Instructions – You will receive postoperative instructions before you leave our office. Do not smoke before/during/after your procedure. It negatively impacts the healing process.
  9. Plan to be at our Office for the Entire Day – The length of your appointment time will vary, depending on the complexity of the procedure as well as how many layers are required to remove the cancerous cells. Dr. Perez will assess whether the wound can be managed on the same day as your Mohs procedure, or whether you will need to come back the following day for reconstructive surgery. You may not be in surgery for the entire day, but please plan to be at our office for 4-6 hours.
  10. Medical Records – Once your visit note is finalized by Dr. Perez, you can view your medical records electronically, from your own computer, via the secure patient portal.
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