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Mohs Surgery Recovery

When the Mohs procedure is complete, your Mohs surgeon will discuss with you the best options for repair of the surgical wound, based on achieving the best cosmetic results for you. Options for healing Typically, recovery is fairly quick, but will depend on the location and size of the cancer, the resulting defect, the suturing…. read more

Mohs Surgery FAQs

What is Mohs Surgery? Mohs surgery is a specialized surgical procedure used to treat most skin cancers. Thin skin layers containing cancer cells are removed layer by layer until only cancer-free tissue remains. The objective is to remove as all the cancer while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. Each layer is examined under…. read more

Have you had your skin checked for cancer this year?

Have you had your skin checked for cancer this year?  Did you know that over half of skin cancer could be eliminated if we would just get our skin checked?  Call today to schedule an appointment with the team at Advantage Dermatology.

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